Friday, March 9, 2018

Everywhere now holds the evidence of both ancient natural cycles and human detritus.

As an artist, I listen to the conversation between the marks and scars that we, as humans, have made on the land and those left by Nature and Time.

My own sense of occupation and belonging, exile and longing, regeneration and return also come into question through this dialogue with the changing environment that surrounds me.

The motifs that surface in my work: the birds, the abandoned chairs and tables, the garments, the mystical hybrid creatures and religious icons, 
the orbs/circles - broken and pieced back together, nets and veils, the urgent childish scrawls and found lists, are a clue to the history and mapping of the layers that exist simultaneously in my mind and in the environment I find myself. 

The idea of recycling previously used paper and materials ties in with my interest in renewal and rebirth. 
The chance involved in the selection of grounds and working materials is not incidental as it forms an integral part of my creative process.

The paper or board might be torn, punched or folded, cut into separate pieces and glued or stapled together. The manipulation, by way of gauging, stapling and such, of the paper envelopes, book covers, pages from notebooks, vintage National Geographics, packaging cardboard and eclectic papers might seem accidental; as the medium and ground form an indivisible unity.

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