Wednesday, February 14, 2018

To Bloom where i am planted

is my mantra for 2018 - self explanatory, really

Well...the workshops are about to start...!
I have enjoyed getting my head around my processes to share with others.
I have 5 or 6 women interested and 5 are coming tomorrow
I have decided to forgo exhibitions this year and unstead concentrate on these workshops and getting a juicy portfolio together...slow it all down a bit and take stock.
Other things that have been happening are...I went to the fabulous Ron Curren's Dynamic Drawing class last week in Mullumbimby...a few of the drawings are down below...the model, Verity - a beautiful young woman, unbecomingly has became a grasshopper woman (as we had had a mini plague of them in our tiny front garden) 
and, of course, I have been fiddling around with more mixed media collages as i worked through the processes step by step for my little workshop group!

So...Keep Calm! Keep Cool! and Bloom Where You Are Planted!

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