Saturday, January 20, 2018

Is Art decoration?

Well 3 or 4 years have past since i did a blog...I am still a full time artist...collaging and working with paper both here in the studio and outside...

I see that blogs could be a personal diary type activity more than a reaching out and joining in conversations with like minds type activity which my slightly younger self was hoping for...
So i will pick it up again.

Recent news is... i am planning on doing art workshops!
The flyers have been designed and are coming in the mail as I type and then i will be forced to put them around the place to see what happens...
The idea of teaching for me is a big stretch
But i have found that anything that stretches me out of my comfort zone surely is a good thing!

Thinking of myself as teaching art has really got the grey matter going though...and as an art friend recently said...
"You teach for yourself so you can become more concise and focused on what it is to be an artist and what it is your art is communicating".

Just last night, after chasing the possums and plenty of freeform gymnastics, my three year old friend Ari asked me "What is Art?"
When I went blank (I happen to have a head cold! :))
he asked "Well...Is it decoration?"...!!
This a true story and I have several witnesses to collaborate.
So when i see him, at the beach on Wednesday and if he is still interested, I want to tell him that...
"Art is the product of a persons individual expression of their truth of what life is! Being in the flow of that great river of creativity and actually having the discipline to express it uniquely produces Art! and it can be joyful! or sad or so many things and anyone can access that river through their inner artist."

I need to trust and of course do the work.

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